Your Trust is the roadmap.

As Trustee, it’s my duty to make sure you and your family arrive at your destinations safely and in solid financial positions.

Life is never a straight line. That’s why Trusts are created—to plan for all of the ‘what-if’ situations that all families face, generation after generation. But without the right Trustee, there’s a lot to lose if trust assets are mismanaged or not handled in a professional, legal, and transparent manner during the complex time of estate settlement.

When Cynthia Balistocky Fiduciary Services acts as your Trustee—either through appointment from the court or beneficiaries, or as successor named in the Trust—you are receiving all of the support, personal attention, and professional guidance to give you the confidence that your future and the futures of every member of your family are my one and only priority.

The CBFiduciary difference—it’s a balance of professional fiduciary qualifications in trust services.

As a professional Trustee, I combine two important skillsets: 1) having the knowledge of the Fiduciary side of Trust administration and management with 2) a thorough understanding of Trust law as set forth in the California Probate code.



Probate and estate planning as a paralegal for two attorneys, I understand all of the legal responsibilities that I have as your Fiduciary.
Actively drafting Trust and probate accountings for several attorneys, demonstrating the vast experience I have with the legal requirements of such accountings.
An understanding and appreciation for all of the complexities of Trust accountings and how to account to the Beneficiaries in the proper format as set forth in the California Probate Code.
As your qualified Trustee, I can prevent costly errors and delays and deliver the Trust accounting to the Beneficiaries in a timely and efficient manner.

family-1As Trustee, I am accountable to one—the Beneficiaries of a Trust.

It’s not just my job—it’s my duty as your Fiduciary to protect, manage, and distribute the assets of a Trust estate to the Beneficiaries entitled thereto. My duties include:

  • Identifying and protecting the Trust’s assets
  • Prudently investing and preserving the Trust assets
  • Determining exactly what the Trust requires the Trustee to do
  • Being transparent and scrupulously honest
  • Communicating with the Trust Beneficiaries regularly
  • Managing the assets long term or distributing them right away, pursuant to the terms of the Trust
  • Accounting to the Beneficiaries of the Trust

My philosophy… feelings matter.

In some cases, the appointed successor Trustee may not be able to carry out his or her duties as Trustee for whatever reason. In those cases, a Professional Fiduciary can be hired as the Trustee of a Trust estate. It is not uncommon for Beneficiaries of a Trust to quarrel over the distribution of the Trust assets. As a Professional Fiduciary, I always believe in providing a non-biased and objective approach to Trust administration, thereby relieving the tension and feelings of mistrust between the Beneficiaries and the appointed Trustee that sometimes may arise after the death of a Trustor.

As much as it’s about the finances, more often it takes someone who cares about everyone’s feelings that makes the best Trustee in the end.