Working to Ensure Peace of Mind for Beneficiaries in the Estate Settlement Process.

You can expect the most professional and personal service, support, and follow-through when Cynthia Balistocky acts as your Executor during the time when an estate is settled. It’s during these times that the beneficiaries are—not surprisingly—unprepared to deal with the complex, time-consuming, and stressful tasks in settling an estate.

As Executor, Cynthia practices what it means to be a Fiduciary—representing her client’s interests and wishes at a time when they are no longer able—as in their death. When Cynthia serves as the Executor of her clients’ wills, she will manage all estate settlement matters, such as:

  • Reviewing the will with family members.
  • Probating the will, which includes protecting probate assets, notifying creditors, and more.
  • Managing business, real estate, and investment assets, and collecting income owed, as well as researching claims against the deceased.
  • The timely valuation and distribution of assets to the beneficiaries.
  • Administering court services.
  • Preparing estate, inheritance, and income tax returns.

Get support from an experienced professional.

The estate settlement process can be confusing, but Cynthia’s knowledge, experience, and dedication to her clients’ intentions can be the steady guidance your family needs in such times. As your Executor, she brings peace of mind and makes the process much easier for everyone involved.