Conservator of the Estate


More than anything, it’s trustworthiness that drives a Conservator’s effectiveness.

The first question you probably have is, What is a Conservator of the Estate and what do they do? A Conservator of the Estate* is an individual appointed by the probate Court and given the legal right to make day-to-day financial decisions for a living person who is unable to care for themselves. The Court will oversee any decisions made, and in addition, the Conservator will need to secure authorization for some transactions, such as selling property.

When appointed as Conservator of the Estate, Cynthia Balistocky’s duties start and end with maintaining the highest levels of trust in all dealings with the estate and its family. For this reason, Cynthia is the right person to act as a Conservator, as her proven professional experience in all matters of the Estate bring the knowledge and compassion you want in times that warrant a Conservator.

*See Conservator of the Person to read about what’s different in responsibilities between the two types of Conservatorships.