Administrator of the Estate


No will?
No problem.

An Administrator of the Estate is the person appointed by the Probate Court to manage and administer the estate of a decedent when one of the following conditions exist:

  • The decedent died without making a valid will or living trust.*
  • There is a will, but it does not name an Executor.
  • There is a will, but the named Executor refuses or is unable to execute their fiduciary duties.
  • The named Executor in the will is removed by the Court.

When appointed by the Court, the Administrator of the Estate is lawfully appointed to manage and settle the estate of the decedent. As an officer of the Probate Court, it’s the Administrator’s fiduciary duty to act on behalf of the best interests and wishes of the decedent and his or her beneficiaries of the estate.

As in all estate settlements, it’s never a simple set of tasks. And when no Executor is named who is familiar with the decedent, it can be even more complicated for the appointed Administrator of the Estate. For that reason, the right choice for an Administrator is always Cynthia Balistocky, because she always comes equipped with the knowledge, legal experience, and dedication to judiciously and efficiently handle all matters of the Estate.

*See Personal Representative for more information on when there is a valid will and a named Personal Representative.