"Losing a loved one is never easy, and dealing with their estate can be overwhelming. As a Licensed Professional Fiduciary, I can help make this process easier for you. I offer Trust and Probate administrative services, which means I can act as a Trustee, Executor, Personal Representative or Agent under Power of Attorney. As a consultant, I can also provide personalized assistance to help you navigate the Estate Administration process. Don't let the stress of settling an estate add to your grief. If you're struggling with the process of securing, managing and settling a loved one’s estate, give me a call today. I'll help ease your burden and guide you through this difficult time." - Cynthia Balistocky
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You can trust me to provide high-quality and personalized trust administration services that are completely unbiased, transparent, and objective.

Fiduciary Services

In Latin, fiducia means “trust.” That’s where Fiduciary comes from—and “trust” is the connective tissue that makes a Fiduciary relationship successful. A Fiduciary is responsible both ethically and legally for managing the assets of another person. The Fiduciary has a “duty to care” and act in the best interests of their clients.
Cynthia Balistocky not only works to preserve the assets and estates of her clients, she works hardest at preserving their trust.