Conservator of the Person


It’s a caring nature that makes for the right Conservator of the Person.

As opposed to the Conservator of the Estate*, who has the legal right to handle only financial responsibilities, the Conservator of the Person is an individual appointed by the Court and given the legal right to make decisions about everyday life matters. These can include:

  • Making arrangements for personal day-to-day care, including meals, to make sure their needs are met physically and emotionally.
  • Deciding where the Conservatee will live.
  • Making healthcare decisions.

When appointed as Conservator of the Person, Cynthia Balistocky is a person who will invest her time in becoming familiar with all of the unique and special needs of the Conservatee so that their life stays comfortable and meaningful—in other words, everything their family would want in a Conservator. Cynthia has the unique toolset of compassion and professional knowledge to be the right Conservator of the Person.

*See Conservator of the Estate to read more about this type of Conservatorship.